There are so many things you have to carry for school you need something large, but you also want something cool to express your style. You need to hold your textbooks, your gadgets, or a laptop and your bag can become super heavy with all of this, so comfort is incredibly important. The best is a bag that is big enough for all of your books, but small enough to not be cumbersome, and has a comfortable wide strap with plenty of padding. I have also included two less expensive bags in the review since I understand most college students don’t have the money to buy the best product out there.

The best bags for students I have found are:

Booq MambaStyle, lightweight$$$Natural fiber exteriorReview
Crumpler The Barney Rustle BlanketLarger items$$$Velcro inner pocketsReview
High Sierra TankInexpensive, color options$A lot of colorsReview
JanSport ThrottleInexpensive, know name$$Secondary document pocketReview

Booq Mamba

The Booq Mamba bag is the coolest looking of the group. It has a sleek natural fiber exterior fabric, but is still waterproof. It has a large pocket that will fit a laptop up to 15″ or other flat items, as well as quick-access pockets for smaller gadgets. The strap is a 2 inch nylon. This lightweight bag doesn’t have the same amount of storage as the Crumpler, but that also makes it lighter. Overall this bag has the space for most of your school items and looks the most stylish and is a good fit for those looking for a sleek look.

Crumpler Barney Rustle Blanket

The Crumpler Barney Rustle Blanket is a great fit for those looking for quality . It has a large central pocket that can hold your larger items along with three velcro sealed pockets for smaller items. It is made with durable canvas and mesh materials for added durability. The strap is easily adjustable for different heights and has a removable shoulder strap pad. It also features straps in the back to hold other items such as your bike lock. This bag is good for those that will be carrying a lot of items and will be walking between classes.

High Sierra Tank

The High Sierra Tank is the cheapest of the options, but offers a lot of personalization with their styles. Whether you want a simple black and gray or colorful floral pattern. It has the typical items you would see in any messenger with a large main pocket and zippered front pocket with mesh sides. The one drawback of this bag is that it is made of polyester and not a more durable canvas material like the Crumpler, but at the price, it is a good value for those looking for the cheapest bag.

Jansport Throttle

The Jansport Throttle is one of the lesser expensive messengers, but it still has the same durability and features they put into their backpacks. It also has an abrasion resistant bottom panel which helps with the durability. It has the standard large central pocket with secondary document pocket for documents. It is not going to be the quality of the Booq or the Crumpler, but for the price, it should serve your needs throughout college.