The best messenger bags for men are those that will hold all of the items you need, while still offering a rugged masculine look. There are many bags out there, but the ones that feel the “manliest” are made of canvas or leather. Canvas bags have a military or industrial feel and are great for men who are using it outside of the corporate world, although they can still work for that as well. Leather bags offer the same rugged feel, but give a more refined feel that is both at home in the office or on your back while you ride your motorcycle. Most of all, you don’t want a messenger bag that looks like an oversized purse.

The best messengers for men I have found are reviewed below:

Kattee Crazy HorseOffice$$$Multiple pocketsReview
Vicenzo ProfessionalOffice$$$$Distressed leatherReview
Rothco VintageEveryday$Vintage lookReview
SERBAGS Military StyleEveryday$$Military inspiredReview

Kattee Crazy Horse

The rugged looking Kattee Crazy Horse leather bag is the epitome of manliness. Each bag is individually made of distressed leather and metal buckles/hasps. It is large enough to use a briefcase, laptop holder or even an overnight bag. It has multiple pockets for numerous items with varying sizes and closures. This bag is quality made and is a perfect compromise between ruggedness and refinement, perfect for everyday use, whether in the office or at home.

Vicenzo Professional

The Vicenzo leather bag is of the highest quality possible and features a manly distressed leather look. It is more of a briefcase style as it has individual slot pockets and not to many smaller pockets. It has a single handle as well as 2″ wide strap with additional strap pad. When it comes to having a high-quality leather professional briefcase mixed with a manly messenger, this is a great mix.

Rothco Vintage

The Rotcho Vintage B-15 Pilot bag is a great retro looking bag that was inspired by B-15 pilots. It has a canvas shell with brown leather accents and metal clasps. It has zippered pockets throughout and is large enough to hold your laptop or other large items. The canvas and leather are good mix to give you the rugged look that definitely doesn’t look like a oversized purse.

Serbags Military

The Serbags Military Style bag is a military inspired canvas and leather bag made in America. It features leather straps with brass buckles for the retro look with multiple pockets. The interior pocket is big enough for a laptop and has 2 additional side pockets. It is big enough to use for your work (if you don’t need a professional look) or even a daily use bag. If you are looking for a bag that will hold all of your electronics while still making you feel like military paratrooper, this bag is for you.