Too many messenger bags for women are just glorified purses. The best bags offer an increased functionality for storing and protecting new gadgets, while still being fashionable, but it doesn’t need to be just an oversized purse. Other messenger bags are so big that they feel like you are carrying a diaper bag. The best messengers¬†are not a modification of a purse or diaper bag, but are purpose built to offer comfort and style.

The best bags I have found are reviewed below:

LaurexStylish$$Large bagReview
Hadaki Grab & GoHigh-end$$$$Coated canvasReview
Ogio MidtownStylish$Fleece linerReview
Graco Tinker Moms$$$Diaper bagReview


The Laurex line of bags feature stylish designs with durable materials such as Denier nylon and PVC. The main compartment is big enough for your largest laptops, but it is missing some of the smaller compartments. It may too big for some, but if you have large items you need to carry, there aren’t many others that will fit them. It is a simple bag which makes it lightweight and easy to carry. If you want a large bag that is stylish, but doesn’t look like a diaper bag, this is it.

Hadaki Grab & Go

The Hadaki Grab & Go has a high end luxury look, but isn’t incredibly expensive. It is a bit pricier than other items on the list, but well worth the money for quality. It has a large center compartment with additional smaller side pockets for gadgets and other items. It has a coated canvas exterior with a detachable strap and fixed handle. This bag is a perfect high-quality fashionable messenger.

Ogio Midtown

The Ogio Midtown line of messengers are super cute, but durable bags. They feature a series of buttons in the front and a quilted back. The inside liner is detailed with compartment spaces and smaller pockets with a fleece laptop space. The seatbelt style strap is comfortable and the zippers throughout are a great add. Ogio has thought of everything you need to keep in here, even your large laptops. This messenger is a very stylish addition.

Graco Tinker


Women’s bags shouldn’t look like diaper bags, but who says they can’t function as one? The Graco Tinker¬†is a diaper bag that looks and functions like a messenger. It is made of durable nylon, with a waterproof liner and is machine washable. There are pockets for everything you need to carry with you and then some. The adjustable buckle is extremely comfortable and has a convenient handle. Why would anybody carry a traditional diaper bag when they could have this messenger that works the same?